Reasons for Summer Pruning on Your Trees

Reasons for Summer Pruning on Your Trees

People who have trees in the backyards know how important it is to prune them during summer. Some places are not that warm during Spring, especially within the Northern States, where summer could be the best alternative to perform such chores. If you can’t prune the trees by yourself, a tree company could always help you with its expert staff performing all the pruning and trimming your trees need.


Looking for the reasons why you need to perform tree pruning when summer comes, here are the ones you should always have in mind.


It’s the Perfect Time to Reshape Your Tree


Summer is warmer than any other season during the year. The sunlight is present for more than twelve hours each day. Also, there are fewer rainfalls that can disturb you when you are planning your tree pruning sessions. If you leave the pruning to experienced arborists and gardeners, you will have more chances to reshape your trees to evaluate your property’s appearance.


Summer sun makes leaves and branches more dehydrated. For that reason, it would be the ideal time to prune the branches and trim the leaves to have a perfect tree shape. That will add to the tree’s appearance and make it healthier and ready to anticipate the winter harsh weather conditions.


Reduce the Grow Rate


Arborists and experts agree that some trees follow a rapid growth rate that is not always desirable. For instance, many fruit trees can overproduce their fruits and create a mess in your backyard. That is why summer pruning and trimming may cut the part of the leaves responsible for this extra growth.


By cutting part of these leaves, you stop the photosynthesis process for your tree and finally manage to control the fruit growth that is not needed at such a great rate. Experts know how many leaves need to be cut so that the fruit production remains at healthy levels without threatening your tree’s normal reproduction and blossoming patterns.


Remove Pests and Tree Illnesses


Pests usually find shelter inside your tree’s branches and logs. Other tree illnesses can also be present and contaminating your tree leaves and fruits. By calling a tree company with its expert associates, you may have a full inspection of your tree and identify the correct diagnosis and treatment.


Trimming and pruning during summer would be the right practice to follow if you want pests to be removed from your trees. Highly-trained arborists can find where these pests hide and cut the branches hosting them. Others may also identify the tree disease that has made your tree looking awful and trim the parts that have been contaminated the most.


Summer is the finest time to get pests and diseases to flee away from your trees, only if you hire the right people to perform the suggested trimming services at the most appropriate time.



Improve Fruit Production

Some fruit trees only trigger their production during summer. It wouldn’t be good for their health to totally ban fruits from growing. The most suitable intervention for a tree company to perform would be to trim and prune the right parts of your fruit trees to ensure the expected fruit production during summer.


You should always anticipate having sufficient fruit harvesting through the summer to share them with your friends and family. A single fruit tree can deliver hundreds of pounds of summer fruits that will improve its health and reinforce its system to get through the wintertime. It would be good to know that fruit production improvement can also increase your yard’s value and reinforce tree branches to hold more snow and deal with stormy winds when summer passes.



Prepare Your Tree for the Winter


Winter could be devastating for your trees. A tree company arborist frequently faces cases of otherwise healthy trees that have been destroyed by winds or snow because they didn’t get the right care during summer. A humid and hot summer can increase your tree’s leaves production and make more “unwanted” fruits come to the surface.


Branches are also more susceptible to become fragile after a dry summer. It is something that will compromise your tree’s health when the winter’s harshness comes to the field. Careful trimming and pruning during summer can prepare your tree to anticipate any adverse weather conditions during winter.


A perfectly pruned tree is more symmetrical and receives wind waves a lot easier than others. Getting rid of dead branches, fruits that have matured and not fallen from their position, and excessive leaves population (that only absorb a huge amount of water) could give your tree more chances to survive from a snowstorm. Trimming at the right critical tree points can make it more lightweight and prepared to accept heavy snow without breaking the remaining branches. That way, you may enjoy your tree for a long time.



Gives You a Better View of the Scenery

Trees are always parts of your summer house’s backyard. However, your summer house may be close to a lake or a mountain you would love to watch from your patio or balcony. It wouldn’t be easy to do so when having a tree blocking all that breathtaking view from you and your visitors.


Calling the experts to trim your tree leaves and branches can reshape your tree to fit perfectly in the scenery. You may also gain access to the scenic view from your balcony without being distracted by leaves or branches getting higher and blocking your clear view. There is also the chance to divert the tree’s shadow to the right part of your house, which is a tremendous privilege to enjoy during summer.


You can always reach out to a tree company like if you would like to understand the best timing during summer to perform pruning procedures. A tree can always enrich your surrounding natural environment and offer you benefits when being maintained right. Summer is the right time for tree inspection and trimming to ensure their longevity.




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